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Cuddlio™ Carrot Garden Dog Toy

Cuddlio™ Carrot Garden Dog Toy

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Introducing the Cuddlio™ Carrot Garden Dog Toy

The perfect blend of physical and mental play for your furry friend! This whimsical dog toy is designed to engage and entertain your canine companion in gardening without ruining your own garden.

Physical and Mental Stimulus

Less playtime in dogs are shown to increase anxiety and aggression with a multitude of behavioral problems. The Cuddlio™ Carrot Garden Dog Toy ensure that your dog will activate critical thinking and fun with each carrot plucked! 

Tailored for High Energy Pups

Sniffing and problem solving are shown to engage high energy dogs and put all their energy into their task. Hide treats in the holes and watch your pupper sniff and harvest, encouraging your dog to engage all his senses.

Durable Construction

Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, the Cuddlio™ Carrot Garden Dog Toy is built to withstand the enthusiastic play of even the most energetic pups. Its sturdy construction ensures hours of entertainment.

Easy to Clean

Each toy is washable easy to clean, with the soil part being removable with a zipper. Simple throw it into a washing machine for a fast and easy clean.

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